Tea, Braintoss and sleeping on the job

In the time when overworking is a badge of honour, to the point of sacrificing sleep, it is often hard to see the bigger picture and realise life is not all about chasing the next thing.


Food for thought

An interesting read on how our view of hard work and sleep differs based on our culture. “Inemuri” is napping on public transportation and during work meetings, classes and lectures – but is not considered sleeping. It is actually a sign of diligence and willingness for personal sacrifice.

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Bang for buck

Da Hong Pao

I’ve always loved tea, but it was only recently that I got more deeply into it – what types there are, where it’s from, how it’s made, how to properly prepare it, etc. It’s a whole new world, with interesting legends, rivalries and opinions. Like with wine, you never run out of new things to explore.


Right now, I’m loving the Da Hong Pao tea, also known as Big Red Robe. The legend goes that this tea cured the mother of a Ming dynasty emperor, which let him to sent red robes to cover the bushes to protect it from the weather. Hence the name.

It’s an oolong tea, which means the tea leaves go through the process of withering, oxidization and rolling or curling. Da Hong Pao can get extremely expensive (we’re talking $1,400 a gram, or 30 times its weight in gold!), but a tea-newbie like myself can settle for $0.17 per gram. I got mine from Teaspotting, but it is widely available around the world.


App to check out


Press a button to record a message, press it again to send it to your inbox. Sounds simple, but it was the missing link in my workflow for quite some time. You can send voice recordings, as well as text or photos. Record your thoughts, the next million-dollar idea, or a deep philosophical thought you’d like to explore later.

It’s $1.99 in the App Store (or Google Play), but it goes on sale from time to time. You might want to wait for it to drop price again, but I think it’s well worth the $2.


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