Getting Started with A Bag of Tricks

Hey there!

Do you often get a feeling that every “productivity website” out there is aimed towards people that are in the same situation as the person running it? An entrepreneur whose main concern is producing content for his audience?

Nothing wrong with that, but most people work a 9-to-5 job. They are not interested in starting a side hustle or dream of creating the next Apple. They just want to excel at what they do, being of most value to their employers. They might even run a company, but have realistic goals of where to take it. They are knowledge workers, but have to show up at work at a specific time. They are not necessarily looking for a new job, but want to make the most of the time they spend at work, being productive, finish their tasks and not bring their work home.


What is A Bag of Tricks

A corner of the internet dedicated to becoming better. The endless studying of books and articles, listening to podcasts and experimenting with productivity and time management has resulted in a lot of notes and above all – real life experience. A Bag of Tricks is where I share the most interesting and useful things I come across.

The sole purpose of A Bag of Tricks is to inspire and give useful information that will help you be better at your work, finish your tasks on time with flying colors, leaving you with more spare time in the process. A big task, but entirely possible by choosing the important and minimising the routine and mundane, enabling you to add great value with your work.

There are two main categories of content here, Tips, Tricks & Thoughts and The Bag.


Tips, Tricks & Thoughts

A collection of tools and gadgets, best practices, experiments and shortcuts that will enable you to be better at whatever you do.

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The Bag

A monthly roundup of the most interesting things from around the web in various fields, including articles, gadgets, podcasts, books, apps, quotes, videos and social accounts to follow.

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