Space pens, podcasts and racist sports

Food for thought

You don’t need much equipment to play football (soccer). Just a ball will do. So how can the world’s most popular sport become something only rich people can enjoy at the highest level? It is traditionally a sport of the underprivileged, and often the best football is played in the streets of the poorest parts of cities. So why is football considered a sport of the white kids from the suburbs? What kind of system resulted in this situation and how should we go about fixing it?

Les Carpenter wrote an interesting article for The Guardian on the topic. It’s a quick read, but it gives much to think about. Where else did we let discriminatory systems creep into existance?…

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Whatever your role or situation in life is – whether you’re a sales rep, a mechanic or a stay-at-home mom – you need a good pen.

Pens come in all shapes and sizes, so think about what works best for you. Since I carry my pen in my pocket, the considerations I had were:

  • reliable,
  • small with no sharp edges,
  • minimum chance of it leaking,
  • inexpensive, in case I lose it.

Fisher Bullet Space Pen thicks all those boxes, with a few added benefits – mainly a pressured ink cartridge, which enables you to write upside down (for scribbling down those midnight flashes of inspiration in bed).

There are a lot of podcasts out there on entrepreneurship, business and healthy living. And in the stressful everyday life we often forget about having a good time, enjoyment and laughter.

Bill Burr is a brilliant comedian and his podcast is one of the funniest I’ve ever come across. Rants, stories, sports and cigars. But mostly rants.

Here is one of my favourite episodes.

App to check out

Podcasts are huge right now, and they are still growing in popularity. It’s like radio, but better in every way – pick and choose what you want to listen to and when, skip ahead or rewind at any time, listen at a faster speed, etc.

There’s tons of great content out there, I’ve already mentioned the 99% Invisible and Bill Burr‘s podcast, some of the others I enjoy most are The Tim Ferriss Show, Hidden Brain and The Productivityist Podcast.

That being said, you have to be selective with the shows you decide to listen. Theres only so much time in a day to listen to podcasts, so the ones you do listen to better be worth your time. However, there is a trick you can use. Since most of the shows you are going to listen to are talk shows anyway, there is no harm in speeding up the recordings.


And that’s where Overcast comes into play.


So far, I have not yet found a better app for talkshow podcast listening. Two of my favourite features are:

  • Smart Speed (cutting out any pauses in speech to increase speed without any distortion)
  • Voice Boost (“boost and normalize volume so every show is loud, clear, and at the same volume”)

Soon you are listening to podcasts at 2x speed without having to compromise on the quality of audio. Or as I’ve heard somebody say once: “It’s like drinking from a firehose and loving every minute of it”.

It’s a free app, but you can choose to support it by becoming a patron.


I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

– Maya Angelou